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The Roadie X-Stream blends fog and air to produce a variety of effects; from an optically translucent haze to an immensely dense "white-out" of fog.

The Roadie X-Stream has been designed to deal with the intense rigors of touring with a rigid chassis, protected on all eight corners by 20mm aluminum plates, and 40mm lifting bars. The outer casing and control panel also offer a degree of protection in poor weather conditions, making the Roadie X-Stream ideal for large outdoor stadium events. Overheat protection is also guaranteed through a unique, Direct Thermal Protection device.

The fog particulate is constant but can be diluted by increasing the airflow; transforming a dense fog into a light translucent haze, giving the right enhancement to high tech lighting. The Roadie is equipped with two large 2.5kW Hi-Mass Vaporizing Chambers, each with a twin, wide-bore, steel helicoil.

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