Terms of Business

Terms & Conditions of Hire 


1.  Contract of Terms 

a)  This contract is made between London Speaker Hire forthwith known as “LSH” and the person named in the booking forthwith known as “the hirer”.

b)  The hirer is the person named on the booking, and declares that he/she is over eighteen years of age and is legally entitled to enter into this agreement on their own behalf. If the hirer is entering into this agreement on behalf of another individual or on behalf of a  company/organisation/charity they declare that they have the full authority to do so. 

c)  The hirer must provide 3 forms of identification in order to hire equipment, we require a British Passport and two utility bills dated within the last three months confirming the hirers address. If the hire is over £500 or for DJ equipment we also require the hirers passport for the duration of the hire – please see clause 10.h for further details.

d)  For businesses, the hirer must provide a copy of the hirer’s business letter headed paper which contains the registered company number and full registered company address.  

e)  LSH’s equipment is used at the hirer’s own risk. Accordingly, LSH cannot be held responsible for any damages, including damages to persons operating or in the vicinity of equipment, mechanical, software and/or electrical or loss of material and/or performance which result from mechanical, electrical and/or software failure. 

f)   Where a hirer has terms and conditions covering purchasing and hiring that conflict with LSH’s Terms & Conditions of Hire then LSH’s Terms & Conditions of Hire shall take precedence unless specifically agreed in writing by a Director of LSH prior to the hire  date. 

g)  The hirer must hold their own valid insurance to cover the terms of hire. 

h)  Any hirer who contravenes this contract in any way may, at the discretion of a director of LSH, be excluded from entering into future contracts for the hire of equipment and services.  

i)    The terms above and the contract to which this document relates, shall in all respects be construed and operate in accordance with British Law. 

j)    LSH reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions of Hire at any time, and without prior notice. 


2.  Acceptance of Terms 

a)                   By hiring equipment or services from Hive, the hirer automatically signifies their unconditional acceptance in whole of LSH’s terms as set out in this Terms & Conditions of Hire.

b)                  By providing the information required on the booking form, paying or making a deposit or showing their acceptance to hire equipment or services by phone, written or electronic communication, the hirer agrees to be bound unconditionally by LSH’s Terms & Conditions of Hire. 


3.  Cancellation of Hire

a)   Without prejudice to any other rights or remedy in the event of cancellation of any order by the hirer LSH reserves the right to make a cancellation charge as stipulated in clause 3b, 3c, and 3d. 

b)  Cooling off period - If having read LSH’s Terms & Conditions of Hire and within 24 hours of paying the deposit the hirer wishes to cancel; the hirer may obtain a full refund of all monies paid less a £15.00 administration fee. This condition does not apply if the hirer  makes the booking within 14 days of the commencement of the hire period. 

c)   All deposits paid to LSH to secure a booking are non-refundable, unless within 24 hours of payment as per clause 3b. 

d)  Cancellation in less than 14 days prior to a hire date will result in the full fee being due. 


4.  The Equipment 

a)   All equipment hired remains, at all times, the property of Hive.

b)  All equipment must be used for the purpose for which it was intended by the manufacturer.

c)   Notification of equipment travelling outside mainland UK, must be agreed in writing by a Director of LSH at the time of booking.  

d)  LSH reserves the right to inspect all hired equipment at any time during the hire period. 

e)  The hirer must not hire, sub hire or assign to another party, any equipment hired under this contract without prior written permission by a Director of LSH.  

f)    The equipment shall be deemed to be in good repair and condition and to the hirer’s satisfaction unless the hirer gives notice otherwise at the point of collection or on receipt of delivery by LSH. 

g)   The hirer is required to ensure that the equipment is not vulnerable to theft, damage or adverse environmental elements such as excess heat, humidity, coldness, moisture, liquids or dust. 

h)  The equipment shall be at the risk of the hirer as to all loss and damage whatsoever during the hire period and the hirer will be responsible for paying the first £2000 towards the costs of replacement or repair to any individual piece of equipment which is  damaged, lost or stolen whilst in the hirer’s care except where this is due to negligence on the part of the hirer in which case the hirer will be responsible for meeting the full cost of replacement or repair to the equipment. 

i)    LSH gives no warranty that goods supplied for hire are fit for the customer’s purpose or purposes. The Customer warrants that he/she has satisfied him/herself that the goods will be fit for every purpose for which he/she requires them and that he/she does not  rely on any skill or judgement of LSH in this regard. 

j)    While LSH will always attempt to provide the ordered equipment; Hive reserves the right to provide substitute equipment. LSH also reserves the right to terminate this contract without liability if for any reason beyond LSH’s control, LSH are unable to supply the  equipment as described in the booking. In the unlikely event of Hive not being able to fulfil your booking all monies paid to LSH will be refunded, but this will be the limit of LSH’s liability to the hirer. 

k)   In the event that the hired equipment is faulty, LSH shall not be liable for any consequential losses or damage’s whether financial or otherwise, arising there from. 

l)    All equipment must be checked by the hirer with a member of the LSH team and signed for to confirm receipt. Any discrepancies must be notified immediately to LSH and signed for as a discrepancy. If a signature is not provided, then the hirer is signifying their automatic and unconditional acceptance of the equipment on the invoice provided. 


5.  Collection of Equipment by Hirer

a)                   All equipment must be collected from LSH’s premises unless special arrangements have been made and agreed in writing prior to the hire date. 

b)                  It is the hirer’s responsibility to arrange appropriate and adequate transportation of the equipment they are hiring if they have not  agreed in writing and paid for LSH’s transportation services prior to the hire date. 

c)                   Any information in regards to value, size, weight, protection or suitable transport must be made at the time of booking and not on the hire date. 


6.  Transportation of Equipment by LSH

a)  By email request before the hire period, the equipment can be delivered and collected on behalf of the hirer by LSH, however, LSH will charge the hirer for all expenses incurred for delivery and collection. These fees are including but not limited to the London 

Congestion Charge, fuel, parking permits, tickets and parking fines incurred. 

b)The hirer is obligated to provide adequate legal parking for LSH’s vehicle(s) for the duration of delivery/collection/setup/dismantle and event. 

c)  Delivery and collection is not available in all areas. 

d)Delivery and collection is only to/from the road side unless the hirer has booked set up and/or dismantle at an additional cost to the transportation fee. 

e)Any delivery and collection requests for out of hours’ transport will be subject to an additional £20+VAT each way depending on the time of the delivery or collection.

f)   If the hirer has chosen delivery only unless the hirer has booked set up and/or dismantle at an additional cost to the transportation fee, all hired equipment should be installed by a competent person. 

g)  LSH cannot accept any responsibility for damage done to personnel or property whilst equipment is on hire or in transit. 

h)LSH will endeavour to meet any agreed delivery conditions, but cannot accept responsibility for any delay in delivery and/or collection howsoever caused. 

i)   The equipment is entirely the responsibility of the hirer until the equipment is loaded back onto LSH’s vehicles for return to LSH’s premises. 

j)   Where a delivery or collection cannot be completed because of a lack of access at the delivery address the hirer shall still be liable for all agreed charges and for any additional costs incurred in the attempt to complete the delivery and/or collection. 


7.  Transportation

a)  It is the hirer’s responsibility to arrange his/her own appropriate transportation. 

b)  LSH cannot be held liable for any loss or penalties either financial or otherwise, incurred by the hirer due to the hirer not arranging and providing adequate transportation for the equipment being hired. 

c)  LSH cannot be held liable for any transportation fees however they may result in order to transport the hirer’s equipment.  


8.  Returning the Equipment

a)  Equipment must be returned before the end of the pre agreed hire period. 

b)  Unless specified, hire charges are based on a period of one day (24 hours), or part thereof, irrespective of whether the equipment is in use or not. 


9.  Price Match 

a)  LSH will make every effort to provide the most competitive pricing on a hirer’s order. 

b)  Should exactly the same equipment and accessories be available to hire from a registered UK company based within the M25 motorway boundary for the exact dates and times that a valid quote has been provided by LSH then a price match will be offered at the discretion of a Director of LSH. 

c)  LSH’s Price match offer only covers equipment rental and does not extend to transportation costs or labour. 


10.  Payment, Deposits & Quotes

a)  All quotes are valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise stated. 

b)  The provision of a quote does not guarantee or confirm that the relevant equipment or services are available and may be withdrawn without prior notice or explanation at any time. 

c)  All quotations and prices are subject to the addition of Value Added Tax at the rate applicable on the date of invoice. 

d)  All quotations are made by LSH without obligation and LSH reserves the right at any time to vary any quotation or part thereof or to refuse acceptance of any order without assigning any reason for such refusal, although once the full payment or deposit has been  paid the price will be fixed. 

e)  The hirer is required to pay the full cost of the hire prior to the equipment leaving LSH’s premises.

f)   All deposits paid to LSH to secure a booking are non-refundable in accordance with clause 3a, 3b, 3c and 3d. 

g)  LSH reserves the right to remove any or all discount without prior notice or for the failure to make payment of outstanding monies due. 

h)  LSH require a £300 Deposit for all orders over £500, for DJ equipment hire and Ethernet cable hire. LSH require a £500 deposit for camera hire. LSH also require a copy of the hirers passport that will be kept in our safe for the duration of the hire.

i)    Deposit refunds are made on safe return of the equipment. If you paid by bank transfer, please provide your bank details to LSH. If you paid by card, we can refund back onto your card (Refunds can take up to 3-5 working days depending on your bank).

j)    LSH will exercise their statutory right (Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002) to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if LSH are not paid according to the agreed terms, in clause 10e for non-account holders. 


11.  Account Holders

a)   Account holders are required to pay all invoices within 30 days of the invoice date unless other arrangements have been made and confirmed in writing by a Director of LSH. 

b)  LSH will not enter into contracts for the hire of equipment or services if the hirer or organisation has outstanding debts with LSH. 

c)   All clients will be charged for any expenses incurred by LSH in respect of any debt collection. 

d)  All outstanding debts will incur interest’ charged at 5% per month thereafter (with a minimum charge of £10.00). 

e)  Should any debt not be settled within 30 days of invoice then LSH reserves the right to commence legal action against the debtor and all fees incurred will be added to the total of the debt to be paid by the debtor. 

f)    Where equipment is damaged or stolen whilst on hire and repair or replacement fees result, the amount due is immediately payable. 


12.  Penalties 

a)   Any equipment returned after the booked return date will be charged for at a minimum of one extra day’s hire fee, regardless of the original hire period.

b)  The hirer must have the equipment dismantled, packed and ready for collection at the end of the hire period when booked on a standard hire (unless prior arrangements for dismantling and removal has been agreed in writing and paid for). 

c)   If clause 12b has not been adhered to then the hirer is liable for additional charges which may include but is not limited to extending the hire period until dismantling and packing has taken place and the goods are returned to LSH’s premises. 

d)  Hiring commences on collection and ends when the equipment is returned to LSH’s premises.

e)  LSH will check the equipment and inform the hirer within 7 working days of any loss or damage.

f)    Any costs incurred by LSH in respect of replacement or repair, or if equipment is lost or damaged during the hire period must be met by the hirer. 

g)   LSH is authorised by this contract to contact the hirer at the hirer’s premises at any time in the recovery of equipment not returned at the end of the hire period. 

h)  The hirer undertakes to keep and return equipment in good order and the same condition as provided at the point of hire. Any equipment returned in a soiled or dirty condition may incur a cleaning charge as listed in section 13. i) Equipment is to be kept in a secure safe environment with no exposure to the elements, food, drink or other liquids. Should this Hirer not adhere to this then Hive reserves the right to charge the hirer for any damage. 

j)      Connectors must not be removed from equipment. Hive reserves the right to charge for refitting or inspecting any connectors found to have been removed, or tampered with.  Equipment must not be modified in anyway. 

k)     The hirer undertakes to insure the equipment at full replacement value, when away from the premises of LSH. A valuation is available on request. 

l)      Failure to return any cable coiled and taped may result in a charge for coiling and taping said cable.

m)  Packing supplied with equipment must be returned, or it will be charged for. 

n)    The Hirer will be held liable for the loss of any equipment confiscated because of a failure to comply with any relevant laws and regulations. 

o)    If the hirer reports any equipment or accessories as faulty during a hire which are then subsequently found to be in good working order, the hirer will be liable for all costs  incurred  for  dealing  with  the  situation  including  but  not  limited  to  the  replacement  equipment hire charges (for the full period of hire), sub-hires, purchases, labour and transport in any form.   


13.  Replacement & Cleaning Costs 

The following charge list covers replacement and cleaning of ancillary equipment. The costs are indications and LSH reserves the right to change them without prior notice. 


Description                                                                                          Replacement Cost                 Cleaning Cost  

XLR Cable/TRS Jack Cable         



Belkin/IEC Power Cable            



Powercon Cable   



L/R RCA Cable  



TRS Jack to L/R RCA Cable  



Extension Cable   



Power Surge Protector  






Speaker Pole      



Microphone Stand    



Microphone Stand Clip     



Hard Case   



 Other Equipment Not Listed                                                                             £TBC*                            £TBC** 

* & ** This price will be specific to the piece of equipment and can be provided on application.