How to throw the best Halloween party in 2023

With Autumn in full swing and spooky season fast approaching, we have all the tips, tricks and delicious treats you need to celebrate Halloween in style this year! Our list of the best Halloween party ideas will blow your guests away. We’re talking spooky cocktails, creepy snacks, creative decor and fun Halloween costumes.

Halloween Party Theme

There’s plenty of scope when it comes to themes for your Halloween party, whether you want to go for a spooky soiree or a fun filled bash.

Some of the most popular viral costume ideas for Halloween 2023 are set to be The Addams Family, creepy carnival, Barbie, glow in the dark, monster mash and Charlie Brown.

These themes can be incorporated in many ways, from your decorations, to food and drinks, to your guests’ costumes. You could throw a best costume contest to encourage some friendly competition and inspire some truly creative Halloween attire. Halloween costumes could vary from the more humorous Halloween characters, like pumpkins or friendly ghosts to the dark and classic vampires and witches.

Your decorations could be super simple, using a roll of toilet paper to make some fake cobwebs and throw in some fake blood for good measure! Or is there lots of inexpensive options from the high street if you want to create something a little more sophisticated, to help transform your home into a haunted house.

Halloween Playlists

The music is so important in setting the mood for any party. Here’s a selection of spooky songs you could add to your Halloween party playlist.

  1. Zombie – The Cranberries

  2. Vampire – Olivia Rodrigo

  3. All the good girls go to hell – Billie Eilish

  4. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

  5. Creep – Radiohead

  6. Haunted – Beyonce

  7. Heads Will Roll – A-Trak Remix

  8. Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Our party package is the perfect solution for your Halloween party. It includes a party light, smoke machine for creating atmosphere, and a professional sound system that is plug-and-play.

Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties are set to be a big trend for Halloween 2023, influenced by our love of true crime series. You can throw your own murder mystery party without much effort by picking up a set from They stock an entire range of games to incorporate themes from “Murder at the Disco” to “A very Shakespearean Murder,” and are suitable for all group sizes.

A truly unique and interactive Halloween party that your guests will be sure to remember and talk about for years to come!

Fun Halloween Games

Party games are a great way to get everyone involved in the Halloween spirit and have some old fashioned fun. There’s endless options sure to entertain both adults and kids alike.

  1. Apple Bobbing

  2. Halloween Charades

  3. Musical Chairs

  4. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

  5. Halloween Charades

  6. Pumpkin Pinata

  7. Pumpkin carving competition

  8. Halloween themed “who am I?”

Halloween Buffet

Creating some easy but delicious treats that fit your theme will impress your guests and be a central part of your Halloween party.

  1. Halloween punch bowl – An absolute classic that can be alcoholic or non alcoholic and as simple or extra as you like.

  2. Mini Pizzas – Build your own pizza is a fun activity that can cater for everyone’s tastes and even the fussiest of eaters! Get creative with the toppings so they look like spooky faces.

  3. Candy Station – What’s Halloween without candy? There are so many themed options in the shops, including candy eyeballs and spooky Percy Pigs. You could also use any extras to make party favors for your guests.

  4. Monster Burgers – Burgers dressed up as monsters is a creative and fun way of jazzing up your Halloween buffet

  5. Apple Cider Spritz- An autumnal spin on the summer classic, Aperol spritz. Mix together spiced cider, Aperol and a splash of prosecco with a pinch of pumpkin spice. Garnish with apple slices and cinnamon sticks.

  6. Oreo Spider Cupcakes – Decorate a chocolate cupcake with an Oreo biscuit, icing and edible eyes. One that the kids are sure to love.

  7. “Witches Fingers” Hot Dogs – Add some details to a classic hot dog for a fun Halloween spin.

  8. Spooky Fruit Kebabs – Another great choice for adults and kids alike, fruit kebabs are a super easy addition to your Halloween buffet.

If we’ve inspired you to start thinking about Halloween how about using a scary playlist with our Playlist Package. Along with a smoke machine and par lights set to “green” to create a spooky space for a party, get in touch with one of our friendly staff and we will be happy to help you plan your next Halloween party!

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